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Price of Sumec Firman Generator in Nigeria

Sumec Firman is a trusted brand when talking about generators in Nigeria, Sumec Firman generators are durable, highly efficient, and stable. So, here, we’ll be looking at the prices of Sumec Firman generator in Nigeria available. Read Price of Small Generator in Nigeria.

Price of Sumec Firman generator in Nigeria
Price of Sumec Firman generator in Nigeria

The company that manufacture Sumec Firman generators sells their products in Nigeria under three brand names: “Sumec”, “Firman”, and “Sumec Firman”. There are lots of fake products in the market though, later in this post, I will be listing the original ones. Read Price of Generator in Nigeria.

If you’re looking forward to buy a Sumec Firman generator, you’ve made the right choice, and you’re just on the right page as well.

Price Of Sumec Firman Generator

Firman generator is one of the best generator you will buy and enjoy, that even offers warranties on their generators, providing peace of mind and protection against potential defects or issues. And they have a responsive customer support team to assist you with any inquiries or technical support need. Read Price Of Thermocool Generator.

Note In this section I will be giving you detailed information and prices about available Firman Generator In Nigeria, so let see their below;

2.5kVA Sumec Firman SPG2900N135,000 – N180,000
3.1kVA Sumec Firman RD3910N165,000 – N230,000
3.2kVA Sumec Firman ECO3990ESN215,000 – N275,000
3.5kVA Sumec Firman SPG3800E2N160,000 – N270,000
3.5kVA Sumec Firman SPG4000E2N178,000 – N300,000
6.5kVA Sumec Firman SDG7000SEN550,000 – N830,000
6.7kVA Sumec Firman ECO 8990ESN430,000 – N510,000
7.6kVA Sumec Firman SPG8800E2N420,000 – N480,000
8.2kVA Sumec Firman RD8910N415,000 – N500,000

Where To Buy Sumec Fir Man Generator In Nigeria

Firman generators has it’s own online store where you can order your generators from which is and can also be purchased from these various online stores too Jumia, Jiji, Konga etc. But I will advice you to get it from their store because they offer warrant after buying. Read also Price Of Elepaq Generator.

FAQS – Price of Sumec firman generator

Can Sumec Firman Generators run on multiple fuels?

Yes, Firman offers dual fuel generators that can run on both gasoline and propane. This provides flexibility and convenience, especially in areas where one fuel may be more readily available than the other.

Do Sumec Firman Generators come with a warranty?

Yes, Firman Generators come with a warranty. The warranty period may vary depending on the model and can range from one to five years. It’s important to check the specific warranty terms for each generator.

Can Sumec Firman Generators be used in extreme weather conditions?

Firman standby generators are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are often installed outdoors. However, it’s recommended to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and take necessary precautions.

How long can a Sumec Firman Generator run continuously?

The continuous run time of a Firman Generator depends on the model and load. Smaller models may provide several hours of run time on a full tank, while larger models with higher fuel capacity can run for longer durations.

What is the power output range of Sumec Firman Generators?

Firman generators come in various power output ranges, starting from smaller models around 1,000 watts and going up to larger models with a power output of 10,000 watts or more.

How loud are Sumec Firman Generators?

Firman Generators are designed to operate at reasonable noise levels. Depending on the model, the noise level can range from around 54 decibels (dB) up to approximately 76 dB at full load.

What are the different types of Sumec Firman Generators available?

Firman offers a range of generators, including gasoline generators, dual fuel generators (gasoline and propane), inverter generators, and standby generators.


In conclusion Firman generators often come equipped with user-friendly features that enhance their usability. These features may include electric start systems, fuel gauges, digital displays for monitoring power output and runtime, multiple outlets for connecting various devices, and automatic voltage regulation.

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