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Price of Deep Freezer in Nigeria

A deep freezer, also known as a chest freezer, it is a type of freezer that opens from the top and has a large, deep storage space. It is often used to store a large amount of food for a longer period of time, mostly in households, restaurants, or supermarkets.

Price of Deep Freezer in Nigeria
Price of Deep Freezer in Nigeria

A deep freezer maintains a more consistent temperature than a fridge freezer, the cold air in a deep freezer doesn’t escape easily when the lid is opened. This makes them more energetic in many cases.

In this article, I will give you detailed Deep Freezer price in Nigeria, types of deep freezer, brands of deep freezer and their prices, Where to buy deep freezer in Nigeria and which Deep Freezer is good to buy. Read Price of a freezer in Nigeria.

Types Of Deep Freezer

There are many types of Deep Freezer in Nigeria and i have make the best pick of them all and I will list their types In Nigeria below;

  1. Upright Freezers
  2. Chest Freezers
  3. Drawer Freezers
  4. Commercial Freezer
  5. Glass Door Freezer
  6. Portable Freezer

Brands Of Deep Freezer In Nigeria

So I will be picking the best 9 brands below;

  1. Thermocool
  2. Haier Thermocool
  3. Scanfrost
  4. LG
  5. Hisense
  6. Polystar
  7. Nexus
  8. Syinix

Note these 8 brands of Deep Freezer is being pick base on customers reviews as they are affordable and has a good quality that will make you stress free while using them. Read also Price of Thermocool Freezer in Nigeria.

Deep Freezer Price In Nigeria

For most of you that don’t know the price of Deep Freezer in Nigeria or let’s say you don’t know how much is a Deep Freezer in Nigeria, this section is for you, I have make the best pick of Deep Freezer in Nigeria that have good taste and are affordable. So I will be giving detailed estimates price on the pick I have made.

Each price varies because the size and quality of Deep Freezer makes them differs from each other but check the price I have compile below;

  1. Thermocool: The Thermocool 200 Liters Chest Freezer | HTF-200HAS R6 SLV is ₦213,000 while the Thermocool 519 Liters Double Door Inverter Chest Freezer | HTF-519IS R6 SLV is ₦596,000.
  2. LG: The LG 280 Litres Chest Freezer | FRZ 315 is ₦285,000 while the LG 138 Liters Chest Freezer | FRZ 155 is ₦179,000
  3. Hisense: The Hisense 142 Liters Chest Freezer Silver | FRZ FC 180SH is ₦126,000 while the Hisense 310 Liters Chest Freezer | FC 440SHF is ₦195,500.
  4. Scanfrost: The Scanfrost 150 Liters Chest Freezer | SFL-150 is ₦171,000 while the Scanfrost 250 Litres Inox Finish Chest Freezer | SFL250ECO is ₦200,000.
  5. Haier Thermocool: The Haier Thermocool 150 Liters Chest Freezer | HT150 INTC R6 WHT is ₦176,000 while the Thermocool 519 Liters Double Door Inverter Chest Freezer | HTF-519IS R6 SLV is ₦596,000.
  6. Polystar: The Polystar Single Door Chest Freezer | PV-CFDG432L is ₦228,000 while the Polystar 150 Liters Chest Freezer | PV-CFRD261 is ₦167,150.
  7. Nexus: The NEXUS 320Liters CHEST FREEZER- COOL PACK BLUE | NX-400CP is ₦255,000 while the Nexus 150 Liters Chest Freezer | NX-160H White is ₦136,000
  8. Syinix: The Syinix 195 Liters Chest Freezer | FZ260F02K is ₦126,500.

Where To Buy Deep Freezer In Nigeria

The best place to buy a Deep Freezer in Nigeria is to visit any Warehouse or stores that sells anything related to home appliances.

Another option is that you can order online from a vendor that is trusted or an online store like, jiji, Jumia etc.

It is highly recommended by me you get the deep freezer from offline store like warehouse or stores because most of the things order online might not be accurate as it is listed online.

FAQS – Deep Freezer Price In Nigeria

What is a deep freezer?

A deep freezer, also known as a chest freezer, is a standalone freezer unit used for storing food or other perishable items below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does a deep freezer differ from a regular freezer?

Deep freezers typically have more space than regular freezers and can maintain colder temperatures. They’re more efficient at keeping food frozen for long periods, especially during power outages.

What temperatures should a deep freezer be set to?

Deep freezers should typically be set to at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius), the temperature at which most food-borne bacteria will stop growing.

What can I store in a deep freezer?

You can store a variety of food items in a deep freezer, such as meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, prepared meals, baked goods, and more.

How long can food last in a deep freezer?

This can vary depending on the type of food. Some items, like frozen fruits and vegetables, can last up to a year. Others, like frozen meats, can last several months to a year.

Is it safe to refreeze food that has been thawed from the deep freezer?

As a general rule, it is not safe to refreeze food that has been fully thawed. However, if the food has been partially thawed and still contains ice crystals, it may be safe to refreeze.

How often should I defrost my deep freezer?

This depends on the model of your freezer, but most deep freezers should be defrosted at least once a year to maintain their efficiency.

How can I defrost my deep freezer?

To defrost a deep freezer, you need to turn it off, remove all the food, and allow the ice to melt. You may also want to place towels or containers inside to catch the melting ice.

Does a deep freezer need to be ventilated?

Yes, deep freezers need ventilation to operate effectively. They should be placed in a cool, dry area with space around them for air circulation.

What’s the best way to organize food in a deep freezer?

It’s often helpful to use bins or baskets to organize food by type. Labeling the contents and dates of freezing can also help you manage your freezer inventory.


Deep freezers are an essential appliance for many households and businesses, mostly in the food industry. They offer several benefits such as long-term storage of food, preservation of food quality, reduction of food wastage, and cost savings.

For individuals and families, deep freezers provide a means of bulk buying and meal prepping, which can be both convenient and economical. They can also be essential in certain climates or locations where fresh food access is limited.

For businesses, particularly in the food sector, deep freezers can play a crucial role in maintaining inventory and ensuring the freshness and safety of food items. They allow businesses to stock seasonal produce and serve it all year round, thereby enhancing the menu variety.

Thanks for reading this article, kindly drop a comment in the comment section below if you find the article insightful!

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