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Price Of Standing Fan In Nigeria

If you are interested in using standing fan in your house and you want to know the price of a standing fan In Nigeria, you are at the right blog post. Ever since standing fans hit the market, it was clear they would become the dominant force in the fan industry for a long time. And just as predicted, standing fans have become incredibly popular in recent years.

Price Of Standing Fan In Nigeria
Price Of Standing Fan In Nigeria

This is because they are flexible, dynamic, effective, and convenient to use. Unlike ceiling fans, standing fans can be easily moved around and adjusted to face any direction you want. Read also Price of Rechargeable Fan in Nigeria.

This particular type of fan is so convenient and efficient that Nigerians absolutely love it. It’s no surprise that these fans are highly sought after in Nigeria. You’ll find them in almost every household. The best part is that they’re quite affordable, so you don’t need to have a lot of money to buy one. They come in various types, sizes, and categories. Let’s Dive into the price of standing fan in nigeria.

Types of Standing Fans in Nigeria

In Nigeria’s market, there are two main types of standing fans. Their performance and price vary depending on how well they work. Each category includes different kinds of fans with their own unique features. Let’s take a look at the standing fans available in the Nigerian market.

  • Rechargeable Standing Fan
  • Non rechargeable standing Fan

Brands Of Standing Fan In Nigeria

  1. QASA Standing Fan
  2. OX Standing Fan
  3. Lontor Standing Fan 
  4. Panasonic Standing Fan 
  5. Century Standing Fan 
  6. Sonik Standing Fan
  7. Andrakk Standing Fan 
  8. Binatone Standing Fan
  9. Polystar Standing Fan 

Note this 9 types of window blinds is being pick base on customers reviews as they are affordable and has good quality that will make you want to buy them.

Price Of Standing Fan In Nigeria

  1. QASA Standing Fan:- 16 inches standing fan (with remote): N24, 500 – N30, 000, 18 inches standing fan: N26, 000 – N35, 000, 18 inches Rechargeable standing fan: N33, 600 – N40, 000, 18 inches standing fan (with remote): N20, 000 – N25, 000, 18 inches Adjustable standing fan: N38, 000 – 40, 000.
  2. OX Standing Fan:- Ox PLUS 18inch STANDING FAN-BLACK: N12, 500 – N20, 000, Ox 18 Inches Industrial Standing Fan- 18” OX: N37, 690 – N48, 900, Ox 18″ RECHARGEABLE FAN WITH USB AND REMOTE: N39, 990 – N65, 000, Ox Standing Fan Industrial 20″ Inches: N40, 000 – N57, 500, Ox Quality 26″-Inch Industrial Standing Fan – 2 Blade: N56, 000 – N90, 000.
  3. Lontor Standing Fan:- 16 inches with mist standing fan: N32, 500 – N40, 000, 16 inches standing fan (without remote): N14, 000 – N20, 000, 16 inches standing fan (with remote): N26, 500 – N30, 000, 16 inches double battery standing fan: N30, 000 – N35, 000, 18 inches Rechargeable standing fan: N31, 500 – N40, 000, 18 inches standing fan (with remote): N29, 000 – N40, 000.
  4. Panasonic Standing Fan:- Panasonic Standing Fan F-407Y: N62,500 – N97,000, Panasonic Stand Fan With Light And Timer F-407W – 16 Inch: N84, 500 – N95, 000, Panasonic Stand Fan With Timer – F-407X: N72, 000 – N90, 000.
  5. Century Standing Fan:- 16 inches standing fan (with 3 blades): N9, 000 – N20, 000, 16 inches standing fan (with 5 blades): N24, 000 – N30, 000, 16 inches Rechargeable standing fan: N24, 000 – N35, 000, 18 inches Rechargeable standing fan: N28, 000 – N35, 000.
  6. Sonic Standing Fan:- 16 inches Rechargeable standing fan with mist: N35, 000 – N40, 000, 18 inches Standing fan: N11, 000 – N27, 000, 18 inches Rechargeable standing fan with mist: N45, 000 – N50, 000, 18 inches Rechargeable standing fan: N36, 000 – N45, 000.
  7. Andrakk Standing Fan:- 16 inches Standing fan: N35, 000 – N40, 000, 18 inches Rechargeable standing fan: N34, 000 – N40, 000, 18 inches Rechargeable standing fan with mist: N49, 000 – N55, 000, Remote enabled standing fan; N33, 000 – N40, 000, 16 inches solar standing fan: N37, 000 – N50, 000.
  8. Binatone Standing Fan:- 16 inches standing fan: N15, 000 – N26, 000, 18 inches standing fan: N24, 000 – N40, 000, 30 inches standing fan: N65, 000 – N75, 000.
  9. Polystar Standing Fan:- 16 inches standing fan: N12, 000 – N25, 000, 16 inches metal blade standing fan: N24, 000 – N30, 000, 18 inches Rechargeable standing fan: N25, 000 – N35, 000, 18 inches standing fan: N23, 000 – N30, 000.

Where To Buy Standing Fan In Nigeria

It is highly recommended by me you get your standing Fan from offline store like retail stores, electrical appliances, and any other supermarket and hyper market materials store that sells home appliances because most of the things order online might not be accurate as it is listed online.

FAQS – Price Of Standing Fan In Nigeria

Can I adjust the height of a standing fan?

Yes, most standing fans come with an adjustable height feature. They typically have a telescopic pole that can be extended or retracted to achieve the desired height.

How do I assemble a standing fan?

Assembly instructions for standing fans can vary depending on the specific model. However, generally, you would need to attach the base to the pole, connect the pole to the fan motor housing, and then attach the fan blades. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for detailed assembly steps.

Does a standing fan come with speed settings?

Yes, standing fans usually offer multiple speed settings. Common options include low, medium, and high speeds. Some models may even have additional speed settings for greater control over the airflow.

Can I control a standing fan remotely?

Certain standing fans come with remote controls, allowing you to adjust the speed, oscillation, and other settings without having to manually operate the fan itself. However, not all standing fans have this feature, so check the product specifications or packaging to confirm.

Can I use a standing fan outdoors?

Some standing fans are designed specifically for outdoor use, while others are intended for indoor use only. If you want to use a standing fan outdoors, make sure to choose a model that is explicitly labeled as suitable for outdoor use and is built to withstand the elements.

Can I clean a standing fan?

Yes, it’s important to regularly clean your standing fan to maintain its performance and prolong its lifespan. Most standing fans can be cleaned by removing the fan blades and wiping them with a damp cloth. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and safety precautions.

What should I do if my standing fan is not working?

If your standing fan is not working, first check if it is properly plugged into a power source. Ensure that the power outlet is functioning by testing it with another device. If the fan still doesn’t work, check the fuse or circuit breaker. If these troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the issue, consult the manufacturer’s support or contact a professional for assistance.

Can I replace the fan blades if they get damaged?

In many cases, it is possible to replace damaged fan blades. Check with the manufacturer or the fan’s documentation to find out if replacement blades are available for your specific model. Replacement blades can typically be purchased directly from the manufacturer or authorized retailers.

How long can a standing fan last?

The lifespan of a standing fan can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the fan, frequency of use, and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained standing fan can last for several years. Regular cleaning and proper care can help prolong its lifespan.


Standing fans have proven to be an indispensable and reliable appliance in maintaining a cool and comfortable environment the price of standing fan in Nigeria is what you have to know before you decide. Their versatile design and functionality make them suitable for various spaces, including homes, offices, and outdoor areas. Standing fans offer several advantages, such as portability, adjustable settings, and energy efficiency, making them a popular choice among users.

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