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Price Of Microwave In Nigeria

Are you interested in buying a microwave now? The you need to know the price of microwave in Nigeria. A microwave, often referred to as a microwave oven, is a kitchen appliance used for cooking or heating food by utilizing microwave radiation. It is a common household appliance found in kitchens around the world.

Price Of Microwave In Nigeria
Price Of Microwave In Nigeria

Microwaves are commonly used for tasks such as defrosting frozen food, reheating leftovers, and cooking various types of food, including popcorn, vegetables, and beverages. They are known for their convenience and speed, as they can cook or heat food much faster than traditional methods such as stovetops or ovens. Check Price Of Freezer In Nigeria.

In this blog post, Nairacost has conducted a research about microwave in Nigeria and Price of microwave. Let’s dive into it!

Price Of Microwave In Nigeria

These microwaves penetrate the food and cause water molecules within it to vibrate rapidly. This vibration generates heat, which cooks or reheats the food.

In this section, I will be giving you detailed information about available microwave price in Nigeria. Let’s see the list of microwave in Nigeria and their price below;

  • Scanfrost 20Litre Microwave Oven | SF20 is ₦50,000 upward
  • Hisense 20 Liters Microwave (Black) | MWO 20MOBS10-H is ₦48,000 upward

Note: This microwave price in Nigeria may change at any given time and the price is not accurate in some locations because some sellers can increase the price of microwave in Nigeria. Check also: Price Of Standing Fan In Nigeria.

The price Nairacost gathered above is just an estimate price of microwave in Nigeria and it varies due to location or seller.

Where To Buy Microwave In Nigeria

These microwaves sellers and distributors are found across all parts of the country due to it’s high demand. Therefore, you can get it in a nearby Supermarket in your vicinity.

But the good news is that you can order these microwaves in Nigeria too online because the world has gone digital. Sites like:,,, and are examples of sites you can place your microwave order on, and get them all delivered accordingly. Read Price of Tokunbo Washing Machine.

FAQS – Microwave Price In Nigeria

What is the principle behind microwave cooking?

Microwaves cook food by emitting waves of energy that are absorbed by water molecules in the food. This absorption causes the water molecules to vibrate, which produces heat and cooks the food.

Is it safe to use a microwave for cooking food?

Yes, it is safe to use a microwave for cooking. However, you should always use microwave-safe dishes and avoid using metal or foil in the microwave as it can cause sparks or damage the appliance.

What does the wattage mean on a microwave?

The wattage on a microwave is a measure of its power. A higher wattage microwave will cook food more quickly and efficiently than a lower wattage microwave.

Can I use aluminum foil or metal in a microwave?

No, you should not use aluminum foil or metal in a microwave. These materials can cause sparks or even fires. Always use microwave-safe containers.

Why does my microwave have a rotating turntable?

The rotating turntable in a microwave helps to cook food more evenly by distributing the microwave energy more uniformly.

How do I clean my microwave effectively?

A simple way to clean your microwave is to heat a bowl of water with a slice of lemon in the microwave. The steam will loosen any food particles, and the lemon will help to eliminate odors. Afterward, simply wipe down the inside of the microwave with a cloth or sponge.

What does it mean when a dish is “microwave-safe”?

If a dish is labeled as “microwave-safe,” it means it can withstand microwave heat levels without melting, warping, or releasing harmful substances into your food.

Why is my microwave not heating food even though it appears to be running?

If your microwave isn’t heating food but still appears to be running, there might be a problem with the magnetron, the component that produces the microwave radiation. This could require professional repair.

Can I defrost food in the microwave?

Yes, most microwaves have a defrost setting that allows you to safely and quickly thaw frozen food. However, it’s important to cook the food immediately after defrosting to prevent bacterial growth.

Is it okay to run a microwave empty?

No, running a microwave without any food or liquid to absorb the microwaves can result in damage to the microwave, as the microwaves can bounce back to the magnetron and cause overheating.


The microwave has proved to be an excellent addition to the modern kitchen. With its ease of use, quick heating ability, and multiple features, it has added significant convenience to daily cooking routines. However, attention should be paid to maintaining the microwave’s longevity, such as regular cleaning and careful handling. Always choose a microwave with good energy efficiency, solid build quality, and user-friendly interface.

By knowing the microwave price in Nigeria, you can budget suitably and choose the best worth for your money. If you are looking for a cost-effective and durable option, microwave is the way to go.

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