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Price of Mikano generator in Nigeria

Mikano generators are reliable powerful machines that create electricity when there’s no electricity from the environment or the house. Mikano is a brand known for making these machines, and they come in various sizes to fit different needs, from small generators for your house to really big ones for large buildings. When the power goes out, Mikano generators kick in to keep your lights on and make your appliances running which will make your life uninterrupted. Read Price Of Thermocool Generator.

Price of Mikano generator in Nigeria
Price of Mikano generator in Nigeria

Generators have been around for a while, and they’re like magic machines that can change movement into electricity. If you need a generator for big jobs, Mikano is one of the best companies to think about. So in this article we’ll discuss in details the price of mikano generator in Nigeria. Read Price of Small Generator in Nigeria.

Price of Mikano generator in Nigeria

Mikano generator is one of the best generator you will buy and enjoy, that even offers warranties on their generators, providing peace of mind and protection against potential defects or issues. And they have a responsive customer support team to assist you with any inquiries or technical support need. Read Price of Generator in Nigeria.

Note In this section I will be giving you detailed information and prices about available Mikano Generator In Nigeria, so let see their below;

Generator ModelOpen TypeSound-proof
200KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TAG4]₦20m – ₦20.4m₦24.4m – ₦24.8m
200KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦16.2m – ₦16.5m₦20.1m – ₦20.4m
250KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1306-E87TAG6]₦28.2m – ₦28.7m₦34.4m – ₦34.8m
250KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦21m – ₦21.4m₦25.5m – ₦25.9m
300KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1606A-E93TAG5]₦33m – ₦33.5m₦40.7m – ₦41.4m
350KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2206A-E13TAG2]₦37m – ₦37.5m₦45.2m – ₦45.7m
350KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦29.1m – ₦29.5m₦35.6m – ₦36m
400KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2206A-E13TAG3]₦40m – ₦40.5m₦48.4m – ₦49.3m
500KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2506A-E15TAG2]₦43.5m – ₦44m₦52.5m – ₦53m
500KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦36.7m – ₦37.2m₦44.4m – ₦44.9m
650KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2806A-E18TAG2]₦61.1m – ₦61.6m₦73.6m – ₦74.1m
650KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦48.6m – ₦49.1m₦58.6m – ₦59.1m
800KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 4006-23TAG3A]₦88.8m – ₦89.4m₦111.1m – ₦111.7m
800KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦69.1m – ₦69.7m₦88.8m – ₦89.4m
1000KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 4008-TAG2A]₦122.7m – ₦123.7m₦163.8m – ₦164.8m
1000KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦98.7m – ₦99.7m
Generator ModelOpen TypeSound – Proof
9KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-D11G]₦5.1m – ₦5.5m₦6.3m – ₦6.5m
13KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-15G]₦5.4m – ₦5.7m₦6.7m – ₦6.9m
15KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-15G2]₦5.6m – ₦5.8m₦6.9m – ₦7.1m
15KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦4.5m – ₦4.8m₦5.6m – ₦5.8m
20KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 404-22G]₦5.9m – ₦6.2m₦7.2m – ₦7.5m
20KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦4.6m – ₦4.8m₦5.7m – ₦5.9m
30KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33G]₦6.9m – ₦7.1m₦8.5m – ₦8.8m
30KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦5.4m – ₦5.6m₦6.6m – ₦6.9m
40KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG1]₦7.9m – ₦8.1m₦9.6m – ₦9.9m
40KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦6.3m – ₦6.6m₦7.7m – ₦8m
50KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG1]₦8.3m – ₦8.5m₦10.1m – ₦10.4m
50KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]₦6.6m – ₦6.8m₦8m – ₦8.2m
60KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG2]₦8.9m – ₦9.2m₦10.8m 

FAQS – Price of Mikano generator in Nigeria

What sizes of generators does Mikano offer?

Mikano generators come in various sizes, ranging from small portable generators suitable for homes to large industrial generators capable of powering factories and large facilities.

How do I choose the right Mikano generator for my needs?

The choice depends on your power requirements. Consider factors like the appliances or machinery you want to run during a power outage, and consult with a Mikano representative for guidance.

Are Mikano generators fuel-efficient?

Yes, Mikano generators are known for their fuel efficiency. They are designed to optimize fuel consumption and reduce operational costs.

Can I use Mikano generators for standby or continuous power supply?

Mikano offers generators suitable for both standby (backup) power and continuous usage. Ensure you select the right model based on your specific requirements.

How do I maintain my Mikano generator?

Regular maintenance is essential. Mikano provides maintenance guidelines in the user manual, and it’s advisable to schedule routine service with authorized service centers.

Is there a warranty for Mikano generators?

Yes, Mikano typically offers warranties on their generators. The duration and coverage may vary by model, so be sure to check the specific warranty terms for your generator.

What type of fuel is recommended for Mikano generator

Mikano generators are compatible with different fuel types, including diesel, petrol, and natural gas. The suitable fuel type depends on the generator model you choose.


In conclusion, Mikano generator stand by when you require electricity, ensuring your lights stay on and your devices keep working, even in blackouts. When it comes to dependable power, think of Mikano generators as your trusted partner.

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