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Price Of HP Printers In Nigeria

When it comes to computers and their accessories, one brand that stands out is Hewlett Packard, also known as HP and you need to know the price hp printers In Nigeria because they are outstanding brand. They are known for making excellent products and are highly regarded in the Laptop industry.

Price Of HP Printers In Nigeria
Price Of HP Printers In Nigeria

Their printers, in particular, are considered some of the best available. As the demand for printers continues to grow, let’s take a look at some of the popular HP printers available today and find out how much they cost in the current market.

HP printers are available in various types and each type has its own print quality. Some common types of HP printers include LaserJet, DeskJet, and OfficeJet. The prices of HP printers in Nigeria vary based on the quality of the prints they produce. Among the different types, HP DeskJet printers are the least expensive. Now, let’s explore the popular HP printers and their corresponding prices. Read Price Of LG Tv In Nigeria.

Types Of HP Printers In Nigeria

  1. HP DeskJet Printers
  2. HP LaserJet Printers
  3. HP OfficeJet Printers

Price Of HP Printers In Nigeria

HP Deskjet Printers

  • Hp DeskJet 2620 All-In-One Printer  – N65, 000 – N86, 000
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3790 All-In-One Printer (T8W47C) – N35, 500 – N50, 000
  • HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3835 All-In-One Printer (F5r96c) – N46, 000 – N100, 000
  • HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 5075 All-In-One Printer (M2U86C) – N36, 000 – N50, 000
  • HP DeskJet 3639 All-In-One Printer (F5S43C) – N27, 000 – N40, 000.

HP LaserJet Printers

  • HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5225dn Printer – N1,100, 000 – 1,300, 000
  • HP Printer LaserJet Pro 404DN (DW) – N120, 000 – N183, 000
  • HP LaserJet Pro M402n (DW) – N80, 000 – N138, 000
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise M507dn|D1PV87A Printer (DW) – N246, 000 – N260, 000
  • HP LaserJet MFP M436dn Printer|2KY38A (DW) – N247, 000 – N260, 000
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw LC – N112, 000 – N130, 000
  • HP LaserJet M436n MFP Printer|W7U01A (DW) – N266, 000 – N448, 000
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdn (DW) – N342, 000 – N786, 500
  • HP LaserJet Pro M15w Printer – N73, 500 – N110, 000
  • HP LaserJet Pro M15a Printer  – N51, 000 – N98, 000

HP OfficeJet Printers

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 7720 Wide Format All-In-One Printer (DW) – N108, 000 – N218, 000
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 9013e-All-In-One Printer (DW) – N113, 000 – N128, 130
  • HP OfficeJet Enterprise Color AIO X585dn (LC) – N375, 000 – N911, 900
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 All-In-One Printer (DW) – N88, 000 – N100, 000
  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8023 All-In-One (DW) – N77, 000 – N146, 000
  • HP Officejet 8720 All-In-One Wireless Printer (LC) – N387, 200 – N400, 000
  • HP Officejet Pro 9023 All-In-One – Multifunction Printer – Colour – N170, 000 – N210, 000

What You Will Like About HP Printers

  1. Reliability: HP printers are known for their reliability and durability. They are designed to handle high printing volumes and are built with quality components, which can contribute to a longer lifespan.
  2. Print quality: HP printers are capable of producing high-quality prints with sharp text and vibrant colors. Whether you’re printing documents, photos, or other materials, HP printers often deliver excellent output.
  3. Wide range of models: HP offers a diverse range of printer models, catering to various needs and budgets. Whether you require a basic printer for home use or a professional-grade printer for business purposes, HP likely has a model that suits your requirements.
  4. Broad compatibility: HP printers are compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. They also support connectivity options like USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and even mobile printing solutions, allowing for flexible integration into different environments.

FAQS – Price Of HP Printers In Nigeria

How do I install my HP printer?

To install your HP printer, first, unpack it and connect it to a power source. Then, follow the instructions provided with the printer to install the ink cartridges and load paper. Finally, download and install the appropriate printer drivers from the HP website or using the installation CD that came with the printer.

How do I connect my HP printer to a wireless network?

To connect your HP printer to a wireless network, go to the printer’s control panel and navigate to the “Network” or “Wireless” settings. Select the appropriate network from the available options and enter the network password if required. Alternatively, you can use the HP Smart app or the printer’s web interface to connect to a wireless network.

How can I resolve paper jams in my HP printer?

If you encounter a paper jam in your HP printer, first, turn off the printer and unplug it. Open the printer’s access doors and carefully remove the jammed paper, ensuring not to tear it. Check for any remaining paper scraps and clean the paper path if necessary. Close the doors, plug in the printer, and turn it on. Refer to your printer’s manual for specific instructions on clearing paper jams.

How do I align the printhead on my HP printer?

To align the printhead on an HP printer, access the printer’s settings menu from the control panel or the printer software on your computer. Look for the “Maintenance” or “Tools” section and locate the option for printhead alignment. Follow the on-screen instructions to print an alignment page and then scan it using the printer’s scanner. The printer will adjust the alignment based on the scanned page.

Can I print from my mobile device to an HP printer?

Yes, you can print from your mobile device to an HP printer. Install the HP Smart app on your mobile device, which allows you to print documents, photos, and more wirelessly. Ensure that both your mobile device and the printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the app, select the file you want to print, and choose the HP printer as the target device.

How do I scan a document using my HP printer?

To scan a document using an HP printer, place the document on the scanner glass or into the document feeder, depending on the printer model. Access the printer’s control panel or open the HP printer software on your computer. Look for the scanning options and select the desired settings, such as file format and resolution. Start the scan and save the scanned document to your computer.


HP printers have established themselves as reliable and efficient printing solutions, catering to the needs of individuals and businesses alike. With their wide range of models and advanced features, HP printers offer high-quality printing, scanning, and copying capabilities.

The brand’s commitment to innovation is evident in its constant development of new technologies, such as wireless connectivity and mobile printing options, making printing tasks more convenient and seamless.

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