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Price Of Elepaq Generator

If you are planning to buy Elepaq Generator, or wondering which type of Elepaq generator you are to buy. So here we will be talking about the price of Elepaq generator. Elepaq is just one of the numerous brands of generator manufacturers in Nigeria. There are others like Tiger, Haier Thermocool, Sumec, and so on but elepaq is among the best. Read Price of Small Generator in Nigeria.

Price Of Elepaq Generator
Price Of Elepaq Generator

Generators are one of the several means by which electricity can be made available for safe consumption.

If you are looking forward to buy Elepaq Generator in big, you’ve made the right choice because you are on the right blog. Read Price of Generator in Nigeria.

Price Of Elepaq Generator

Elepaq is also among the best Generator in Nigeria it has a cool sound and it’s last very long, it does not suck fuel anyhow, so below I will be listing their prices and capacities. Read also Price of Sumec Firman Generator in Nigeria

productCapacityPrice range
Elepaq Key Start Generator EC6800CX -Manual Start 100% Copper3.5KVA148,720 –  170,000
Elepaq Key Start Generator4.5KVA160,000 – 240,000
Elepaq Generator1.5KVA98, 600 – 130,000
Elepaq Generator ECO19901.8KVA87,500 –  95,000
Elepaq Constant Elepaq  Key Start Generator -100% Copper6.5KVA240,000 –  280,000
Elepaq Generator2.8KVA155,000 – 335,000
Elepaq Generator Ec3800cx12KVA370,000 – 480,000
Elepaq Generator SV5800E22.5KVA155, 000 – 180,000

Elepaq Constant 9kva Generator EC18000 CXS 100% Copper9KVA360,000 –  400,000,
Elepaq  KEY STARTER GENERATOR CONSTANT 100% COPPER (Yaofeng) – EC3500CX3.8KVA152,999 –  180,000
Elepaq  Key Start Generator SV28000E2 100% Copper Constant15KVA395,000 –  475,000
Elepaq Constant Generator EC18000 CXS 100% Copper7.5KVA330,000 – 420, 000
Elepaq Generator SV3800E23.5KVA145,000 – 160,000
Elepaq Generator SPG 22001.8KVA86,000 – 92, 000
Elepaq  100% Copper Coil Manual Start Generator4KVA141,990 –  227,000
Elepaq Constant Manual Start Generator EC5800CX 100% Copper-3KVA170,000 –  190,000
Elepaq  Generator – EC5800CX – Manual Start2.2KVA120,000 – 150,000
Elepaq Generator SV20000E27.5KVA330,000 – 400, 000
Elepaq Generator  SV 22000 E2 Constant 100% COPPER11KVA380,000 –  475,000
Elepaq Generator SV15000E26.5KVA240,000 – 300,000
Elepaq Generator SV15000E27.5KVA330,000 –  420,000
Elepaq SENWEI  Key Start Generator – SV8500E2 100% Copper5.5KVA190,000 – 220,000
Elepaq SV2200  Manual Start Generator – Yellow1.3KVA93,000 – 130,000
Elepaq Key Starter Gasoline Generator Constant (Yaofeng)5.0KVA210,900 – 230,000
Elepaq Constant Key Start(yaofeng) Generator Sv6800E2- Copper5KVA195,000 – 224,000
Elepaq Generator DG4LE5KVA200,000 – 220,000

Where To Buy Elepaq Generator In Nigeria

Well you can get your Elepaq generator in a physical like electrical appliance stores, or generator retailers in your local area. And you can also get it from online marketplace such as Jumia (, Konga (, or Slot ( But Elepaq has it own website which is ( and check if they have an online store or a list of authorized dealers. The website may provide details on where you can buy their generators in Nigeria. Read also Price Of Thermocool Generator.

FAQS – Price Of Elepaq Generator

Can I use an Elepaq generator indoors?

It is not recommended to use any generator, including Elepaq generators, indoors without proper ventilation. Generators produce exhaust fumes, which can be harmful if inhaled in an enclosed space. Always use generators in well-ventilated areas.

How do I maintain an Elepaq generator?

Regular maintenance of an Elepaq generator is essential to ensure its optimal performance. This includes changing the oil, replacing the spark plug, cleaning the air filter, and checking the fuel system. Refer to the product manual for detailed maintenance instructions.

Can I connect an Elepaq generator directly to my home’s electrical panel?

No, connecting a generator directly to your home’s electrical panel without the proper transfer switch or manual interlock is dangerous and can cause electrical hazards. It is recommended to consult a licensed electrician to install a safe and compliant setup.

Are Elepaq generators weather-resistant?

Elepaq generators are typically designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are equipped with weather-resistant enclosures. However, it is advisable to protect the generator from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow whenever possible.

What are the available power output options for Elepaq generators?

Elepaq generators come in various power output options, ranging from smaller models that produce around 1,000 watts to larger models that can provide up to 10,000 watts or more. The specific power output depends on the model you choose.

How long can an Elepaq generator run on a full tank of fuel?

The run-time of an Elepaq generator on a full tank of fuel varies depending on the model and the power load it is supporting. Smaller generators may run for a few hours, while larger models can run for eight hours or more.

Are Elepaq generators noisy?

Elepaq generators are designed to minimize noise levels during operation. However, like most generators, they do produce some noise. The noise level varies among models, but Elepaq generators are generally quieter compared to many other brands.


In conclusion Elepaq are built with quality components and are designed to provide stable and consistent power output. This makes them suitable for both residential and commercial use, as they can handle various electrical appliances and equipment. Also Elepaq generators are generally compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and store.

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