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Nexus Washing Machine Reviews & Prices in Nigeria

Nexus washing machines are just like handy helpers for your laundry. They’re machines made by nexus that wash clean your clothes, if you put your dirty clothes in, add soap, and choose a setting, like how dirty your clothes are and how you want to wash them. Then, the machine will do all the work, like washing and rinsing, to make your clothes clean and fresh. Read Price of LG Washing Machine in Nigeria.

Nexus Washing Machine Reviews & Prices in Nigeria
Nexus Washing Machine Reviews & Prices in Nigeria

It is just like a magic made for your laundry! Even, Nexus washing machines come in different sizes and styles you can need to make your laundry day a lot easier. Read Price of Tokunbo Washing Machine.

Nexus is a popular washing machine brand in Nigeria. They’re known for consistently making high-quality products in different areas and for building a strong bond with customers through reliable and long-lasting products. While they might not be the most well-known choice for home appliances, they do a great job competing with other top brands like LG, Hisense, and Samsung.

In this article we will discuss in details the price of nexus washing machines in Nigeria.

Nexus Washing Machine Reviews & Prices in Nigeria

Nexus makes different kinds of washing machines. These machines come in different sizes and work in different ways, which is why their prices ranges from ₦40,000 – 220,000. There are two main types: ones that need some manual input and ones that do everything automatically. Let’s take a look at some of the common Nexus washing machine models available in the country and their prices. Read Price Of Washing Machine In Nigeria.

  • Nexus 4.5 KG Washing Machine single Tub – From N48, 000
  • Nexus 5.5 KG Washing Machine Twin-Tub – From N85, 000
  • Nexus 6.5 KG Washing Machine Semi-Auto Twin-Tub – From N70, 000
  • Nexus 6.4 KG Washing Machine Semi-Auto Twin-Tub – From N68, 000
  • Nexus 7KG FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE NX-WM-FL07S10E1 – From N200, 800
  • Nexus 7.5 KG Washing Machine Semi-Auto Twin-Tub – From N118, 000
  • Nexus 8.5 KG Washing Machine Twin-Tub – From N189, 000
  • Nexus 9.2 KG Washing Machine Semi-Auto Twin-Tub – From N130, 000
  • Nexus 10KG Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine – NX-WM-100SA– From N188, 900
  • Nexus 10 kg Automatic Top Load Washing Machine –From N191, 000
  • Nexus 12 kg Automatic Top Load Washing Machine – From 200, 000

Nexus Washing Machine Reviews

When you’re shopping for a washing machine, the most important thing to consider is how well it works. Nexus washing machines excel in this department. They are known for their efficiency, and this isn’t just hype. They’ve been compared favorably to brands like LG and Samsung. Nexus is a trusted name, and they offer everything you’d want from a reliable washing machine. If efficiency is high on your priority list, you can’t go wrong with a Nexus washing machine.

A great brand is one that meets its customers’ needs, and Nexus does just that. No matter the type or size of washing machine you’re after, Nexus has you covered. They offer various types and sizes, from compact 3.5 kg models to larger 12 kg or even bigger ones. You can choose between fully-automatic and semi-automatic machines, as well as top loader and front loader models. They even have options with twin-tubs or single-tubs.

What’s more, Nexus washing machines are built to last. Customers have reported using them for a long time without any drop in performance. While washing machines, in general, are durable, Nexus machines stand out. Their warranties provide peace of mind, so you know you can return them if needed. You won’t have to worry about their longevity.

Nexus washing machines also shine in terms of user-friendliness. They are easy to set up and use. The control knobs and timers are straightforward, making them suitable for both experts and beginners. Even if you’re not a washing machine pro, you’ll find Nexus machines a breeze to operate.

While Nexus washing machines may not be the cheapest, they’re far from the most expensive. When you factor in their efficiency and top-notch features, you’ll see that they offer great value for your money.

FAQS – Nexus Washing Machine Reviews & Prices in Nigeria

What are the key features of Nexus washing machines?

Features may vary by model but commonly include multiple wash programs, digital displays, various load capacities, water and energy efficiency, and spin cycle options.

Are Nexus washing machines durable and reliable?

Nexus is known for producing durable and reliable washing machines that offer good performance and longevity. Regular maintenance can further extend their lifespan.

Do Nexus washing machines come with warranties?

Yes, Nexus typically provides warranties with their washing machines, and the duration may vary by model. Warranties can cover different parts and repairs.

What load capacities are available in Nexus washing machines?

Nexus washing machines come in a range of load capacities, from compact models suitable for small households to larger ones designed for more extensive laundry needs.

How do I choose the right Nexus washing machine for my needs?

Consider factors such as the size of your household, the frequency of laundry, available space, and specific features you require, such as quick wash cycles or energy-saving options.

Are there front-loading and top-loading models available?

Nexus offers both front-loading and top-loading washing machine models, allowing you to choose the design that suits your preferences and space.

Do Nexus washing machines have child safety features?

Some models may include child lock and safety features to prevent accidental operation by children.


In conclusion, Nexus washing machines are a trustworthy and handy choice for today’s laundry tasks. Nexus, a well-regarded brand in the world of home appliances, is known for creating a variety of washing machines that cater to the different needs of people.

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