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Hisense Washing Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria

A Hisense washing machine is like a washing helpful robot made for your laundry. It’s a machine that you will put your dirty clothes into, add some soap, and then it will do the hard work part for you by washing your clothes for you. It spins the clothes around in soapy water to clean them. After that, then it can even spin the water out, so your clothes are almost dry when you take them out. It is a real time-saver and makes doing laundry much easier. Plus, Hisense is a brand known for making good quality washing machines.

There are many popular washing machine brands out there, but Hisense is doing really well. In this article, we’ll check out the different Hisense washing machines you can find in Nigeria and their prices.


Hisense Washing Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria

In Nigeria, you can find a bunch of Hisense washing machines. They come in different sizes and work in different ways. Some you have to do more by yourself, while others pretty much do everything for you. Prices range from ₦100,000 to ₦400,000, with larger capacities typically commanding higher costs.

Let’s check out a few popular models and their prices.

  • Hisense 6KG Front Loader Automatic Washing Machine – From N192, 000
  • Hisense 6kg Washing Machine Silver (WFEV6012S) – From N202, 000
  • Hisense WASHING MACHINE (10KG Washer And 7KG Dryer) INVERTER – From N395, 500
  • Hisense 8KG Automatic Smart Control Front Load Washing Machine –From N244, 000
  • Hisense Automatic Washing Machine WTCT802G 8KG Top Loader–From N160, 000
  • Hisense WDQY1014T Front Loader 10KG Washing Machine With 6KG Dryer – White–From N333, 000
  • Hisense 10kg Washer And 7kgDryer WM1014V INVERTER SMART CONTROL–From N395, 000
  • Hisense 8kg Top Loader Automatic Washing Machine (Wash & Spin)-From N164, 000
  • Hisense 8KG Wash + 5KG Dryer Smart Invert Washing Machine–From N368, 000
  • Hisense Front Load Washing Machine, 6 KG, Smart Control, Silver WM 6012S–From N199, 900
  • Hisense 11kg Twin Tub Manual Washing Machine (Wash&Spin) – From N164, 500
  • Hisense 5kg Washing Machine WSPA503 – From N80, 000
  • Hisense 7.5KG Twin Tub Manual Washing Machine- Wash/Spin/Drain – From N118, 500.

Hisense Washing Machine Reviews

Hisense washing machines are becoming more popular these days. No matter the size or how they work, they’re worth the money. Lots of people like them. Here’s why they’re some of the best washing machines out there.

Hisense washing machines are top-notch in efficiency. While some folks argue they aren’t as fancy as Samsung, Thermocool, or LG, they still hold their own. Hisense machines match up in terms of efficiency, quality, and user-friendliness, plus they’re wallet-friendly.

When it comes to variety, Hisense has you covered. They offer different types and sizes of washing machines. Whether you need a small 5kg one or a big 13-15kg machine, they have it. They even have special models with extra capacity. You can choose between fully-automatic and semi-automatic models, and pick whether you want a top loader or front loader. Some even come with a dryer compartment. Basically, Hisense offers a washing machine for every need.

One big reason why people love Hisense washing machines is that they’re budget-friendly, meaning they don’t cost as much as many other brands out there. Despite being affordable, Hisense washers still do a great job at cleaning and are pretty efficient, which has made lots of folks become big fans of the brand.

Plus, most Hisense washing machines are user-friendly. The buttons and timers are easy to handle, so you won’t struggle to set things up or control the washing cycle.

FAQS – Hisense Washing Machine Review & Prices in Nigeria

What are the different types of Hisense washing machines available?

Hisense offers top-loading and front-loading washing machines with a variety of capacities to suit different laundry needs.

What are the advantages of using a Hisense washing machine?

Hisense washing machines are known for their durability, efficiency, and a range of features, including multiple wash programs, water-saving options, and quick wash cycles.

What capacity options are available for Hisense washing machines?

Hisense washing machines come in various capacities, typically ranging from 6kg to 16kg, allowing users to choose a model that fits their household size and laundry requirements.

Are Hisense washing machines energy-efficient?

Many Hisense washing machines are designed with energy-saving features, such as inverter motors and smart load sensors, to reduce energy consumption and utility costs.

How do I clean and maintain my Hisense washing machine?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the lint filter, drum, and detergent dispenser, as well as checking for any blockages in the hoses. Hisense washing machines often come with self-cleaning modes.


In conclusion, Hisense washing machines are really good at doing laundry in a modern way. Hisense is a trusted brand for home appliances and they have a bunch of washing machines that can fit different needs and styles.

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