Price of Gasoline (Petrol Fuel) per Litre in Nigeria 

Petrol which some people also call gasoline, is a type of fuel used to power up most cars and many small engines. It’s made from crude oil through a refining process. When you put petrol in your car’s fuel tank and start the engine, it mixes with air, and a spark from the engine ignites this mixture.

Price of Gasoline (Petrol Fuel) per Litre in Nigeria
Price of Gasoline (Petrol Fuel) per Litre in Nigeria

The explosion from the ignition moves the car’s pistons and creates power that makes the car go. It’s like the car’s food, giving it the energy it needs to work. Different cars use different types of petrol, like regular, premium, or diesel, depending on the engine’s design. Read Price of Mikano generator in Nigeria.

Basically, oil is a super important thing for Nigeria. I mean, it’s the thing that really says what Nigeria’s money situation is like. If the price of oil goes up or down, it can totally mess up how Nigeria’s money stuff works, both the small stuff and the big stuff.

In this article I will discuss in details the current price of petroleum in Nigeria

Price of Gasoline (Petrol Fuel) per Litre in Nigeria 

Nigeria is the sixth biggest seller of oil worldwide. This means that oil is really important for the country. In fact, one thing that really shows how Nigeria’s economy works is gasoline. If the price of gasoline changes, it can have a big impact on the country’s financial health, both on a small scale and a big one. Read Price of Small Generator in Nigeria.

The main form of this resource, which is crude oil, is the foundation of Nigeria’s economy. So about the price of petroleum in Nigeria, it ranges from 600 – 900 per litres depending on the location you want to purchase it. Petroleum doesn’t have stable price as at now because of the removal of the subsidy.

FAQS – Price of Gasoline (Petrol Fuel) per Litre in Nigeria

What is the primary use of petroleum?

Petroleum is primarily used for the production of various fuels, including gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, which power vehicles, aircraft, and machinery. It is also used in the production of heating oil and as a feedstock for petrochemical products.

How is petroleum formed?

Petroleum is formed from the remains of ancient marine microorganisms that settled on the ocean floor millions of years ago. Over time, these organic materials were buried and subjected to heat and pressure, transforming them into crude oil.

Where is petroleum found?

Petroleum deposits are found beneath the Earth’s surface in areas known as oil reservoirs. These reservoirs are typically located in underground rock formations and can be on land or offshore.

How is petroleum extracted?

Petroleum is extracted through drilling wells into the Earth’s surface, reaching the oil reservoirs. Once extracted, it is typically transported via pipelines, tankers, or other means to refineries for processing.

What is the refining process for petroleum?

At refineries, crude oil is processed to separate it into various products, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and petrochemical feedstocks. This process involves distillation, cracking, and other techniques.

What are the environmental impacts of petroleum use?

The combustion of petroleum-based fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases, contributing to global climate change. Oil spills and pollution from extraction and transportation can also harm ecosystems.

Are there alternatives to petroleum for energy?

Yes, there are alternative sources of energy, including renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydropower, as well as biofuels and electric vehicles, which reduce reliance on petroleum-based fuels.

How does the price of petroleum fluctuate?

The price of petroleum is influenced by supply and demand dynamics, geopolitical events, economic factors, and production levels of oil-producing countries. It can vary significantly over time.

Is petroleum a finite resource?

Yes, petroleum is a finite resource, as it takes millions of years to form. With ongoing consumption, there is a limit to the amount of economically recoverable petroleum reserves.


In conclusion, Petroleum, which some people call “black gold,” is like a super important natural resource. It’s like the superstar of the energy world and helps us do lots of things, like making our cars go, keeping our homes warm, and running big factories.

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