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Price of 27000mAh Oraimo Power Bank in Nigeria

Oraimo Power Banks are like portable batteries to keep your gadgets running when you’re out and about. They come in various sizes, from small ones that fit in your pocket to big ones with lots of power. What’s cool about them is they charge your phones and tablets super fast. If you’re in Nigeria and want to know how much they cost and where to get the best deals, keep reading this blog.

Price of 27000mAh Oraimo Power Bank in Nigeria
Price of 27000mAh Oraimo Power Bank in Nigeria

In this article, we will explore the price of 27,000mah oraimo power bank in Nigeria and how much is oraimo power bank in nigeria? and where you can buy 27,000mah. Let’s dive into it!

Price of 27000mAh oraimo power bank in Nigeria

This big battery pack has a whopping 27,000mAh of power, which means it can charge your gadgets lots of times before needing a recharge itself. It has several USB ports so you can charge several devices together. Plus, it has a fancy screen that shows you how much battery is left and if it’s currently charging. Read Price of 20000mAh Oraimo Power Bank in Nigeria.

The cost of the Oraimo power bank with a big battery (27000mAh) can differ based on where you buy it, but usually, it’s priced between ₦17,000 and ₦19,000 in Nigeria.

27,000 Oraimo Power Bank Review

Product Parameters

  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium battery
  • Capacity: 27000mAh
  • Input (Lightning): 5V-2A
  • Input2(Type-C): 5V-2A
  • Input3 (Micro USB): 5V-2A
  • Outputi(USB): 5V-2.1A Max
  • Output2(USB): 5V=2.1A Max
  • Dimension: 159*81*32mm

Product Features:

Ultra-High Capacity

  • Brimming with 27000mAh of pure power – charges most phones over 6 times.

Dual Fast Charging

  • Dual charging port with oraimo Fast Charging technology
  • charges two devices at the same time – without sacrificing charging speed.

Recharge Your Way

It comes with Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB three recharging ports. Juice up your power bank with any cable you happen to have on hand.

Multi-Protection Safety System

Surge protection, short circuit prevention and more advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe.

Power LED Display

Built-in LED Display exactly shows remaining capacity in digital format. See how much charging power is left at a glance.

Where To 27000mAh oraimo power bank in Nigeria

The 27000mah oraimo is available offline in any gadget stores in your area across the 36 states in Nigeria but if you have no idea of any stores located in your area then you can use google map by searching for “Oraimo stores near me”.

You can buy 27000mah on oraimo online stores which is “ng.oraimo” and you can also get it on Nigeria online stores like Jumia, Konga, Jiji and the delivery might take days before you get what you ordered.

FAQS – Price of 27000mAh oraimo power bank in Nigeria

How long does it take to fully charge the oraimo 27,000mAh power bank?

Charging time varies depending on the charger’s output and the current battery level of the power bank. It may take several hours to fully charge.

How many full charges can I get for my smartphone with this power bank?

The number of full charges for your smartphone depends on its battery capacity and the power bank’s capacity. On average, you can expect several full charges for most smartphones.

Is the oraimo 27,000mAh power bank compatible with all devices?

It is compatible with a wide range of devices that can be charged via USB, including smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and more. Ensure you have the correct charging cable for your device.

Does it come with a warranty?

Typically, oraimo products come with a limited warranty. Check the product packaging or the manufacturer’s website for warranty details.

How can I check the remaining power in the power bank?

Most power banks have LED indicators that display the remaining power. Press the power button to see the status of the remaining charge.


In conclusion, With 27,000mAh capacity, it can charge your devices multiple times, making it ideal for long trips or situations where you may not have access to power outlets.

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