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Price of Security Door in Nigeria

When you’re constructing a house, one big thing to think about is keeping it safe. In a place like Nigeria, safety is a must, not just something you can choose to ignore. We all want our homes to be a secure place for us, our loved ones, and our pals. To make this happen, you need to take some steps, and one of the simplest ways to boost security is by putting strong security doors in your house. Read Price Of America Steel Door In Nigeria.

Price Of Security Door In Nigeria
Price Of Security Door In Nigeria

Security doors in Nigeria have come a long way. Before, people used regular doors to protect their homes. But now, security doors have taken over. These doors make folks feel super safe and are tough to break into. Plus, they don’t just add strength and security; they also make buildings look good. That’s why everyone’s talking about them in the market.

Price Of Security Door In Nigeria

Security doors come in different materials and types, so their prices can vary a lot. The price mainly depends on the kind and style you want, ranging from as low as ₦20,000 to ₦350,000. Generally, steel security doors with fancy designs tend to be pricier than those made from other materials. The price can also go up based on any extra features the doors have. Read German Door Price in Nigeria.

You can buy security doors either straight from the companies that make them or from sellers all over the country. If you prefer, you can even get them online or from modern security door stores. Now, let’s check out how much these different types of security doors cost today.

Turkish Luxury Security Doors: 

  • 3 ft: 220, 000 – 300, 000
  • 4ft: 250, 000 – 320, 000

German Copper Security Door: 

  • 3 ft: 45, 000 – 70, 000
  • 4 ft: 60, 000 – 80, 000

Turkish Classic Security Door: 

  • 3 ft: 100, 000 – 140, 000
  • 4 ft: 100, 000 – 160, 000

Watson Time – Chinese Security Steel Door

  • 3 ft: 40, 000 – 55, 000
  • 4ft: 40, 000 – 65, 000

Local Metal (Steel) Security Doors:

  • 3ft: 20, 000 – 35, 000
  • 4ft: 25, 000 – 40, 000

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Security Door

The market for security doors has expanded a lot recently. Every day, they come up with new materials and styles for these doors. Just like regular doors, security doors can be big or small, made from different stuff, and have different looks and toughness. In the past, there were only a few security door brands, but now there are many kinds and levels of security doors, making it harder to pick which one to get. Read Chinese Door Price in Nigeria.

Security doors are like protective shields for your home. Not all pricey ones are perfect. Some are tailored for specific jobs. So, before you pick one, think about these things. Here’s what to check when buying a security door.


Choosing the right door can be tricky. While it’s essential to stick to your budget, it’s not a great idea to buy the cheapest security doors. Some of them are decent, but others are really bad. To play it safe, it’s better to opt for doors that are very good or at least decent in quality. Read Price of Virony Doors in Nigeria.


If you’re thinking about getting a security door, don’t just focus on how it looks. It’s important to think about how well it can keep you safe. This mainly depends on what the door is made of. The top choices for security doors are aluminum and steel. So, if you want a strong and long-lasting security door, go for one made from these materials. They’re tougher and last longer than many other security doors made from different stuff.


Now, after talking about how important the stuff is, let’s think about how the door looks. A door is like a decoration for your house. So, choose a style that goes well with your whole house’s look. And don’t forget to think about how the door will look when it’s all finished.

FAQS – Price Of Security Door In Nigeria

What are the benefits of installing a security door?

Security doors offer several benefits, including increased protection against break-ins, improved safety for occupants, energy efficiency, and enhanced curb appeal.

What materials are commonly used to make security doors?

Security doors are typically made from materials such as steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Steel is the most common choice due to its strength and durability.

Are security doors customizable in terms of design and size?

Yes, many security door manufacturers offer a range of designs and sizes to suit different architectural styles and preferences. Customization options are often available.

How effective are security doors at preventing break-ins?

Security doors are highly effective at deterring break-ins. Their sturdy construction, reinforced frames, and multiple locking points make them a formidable barrier against intruders.

Do security doors provide any additional benefits, such as insulation or weather resistance?

Yes, security doors often provide improved insulation and weather resistance. They can help maintain indoor temperature and reduce energy costs.

Are security doors difficult to install?

The installation process for security doors can vary depending on the type and complexity of the door. It’s advisable to hire a professional installer to ensure proper fitting and security.


In conclusion, Knowing that your property is better secured can give you peace of mind, especially if you live in an area with higher crime rates.

Security doors are designed to be more robust and resistant to forced entry, providing an additional layer of protection for your home or business.

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