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Price of PS4 in Nigeria

If you are here for the price of ps4, then you are on the right blog post. In this article, we will be listing the price of PS4 in Nigeria. Sony has amazed everyone by releasing the PS1, PS2, and PS3 over the last ten years dominating the gaming industry. And just when you think, Sony couldn’t get any better, they introduced the Playstation 4, leaving us wondering if there’s any limit to their creative awesomeness.

Price of PS4 in Nigeria
Price of PS4 in Nigeria

While the Ps4 may not be the least expensive gaming console out there, it’s still reasonably affordable. In the world of gaming, it’s rare for anything to be considered truly expensive. What’s important to note is that the Ps4 provides great bang for your buck. You can expect to get a lot of value from this gaming console when you invest your money in it. Read Dell Alienware Price in Nigeria.

Price Of PS4 In Nigeria

The price of PS4 In Nigeria is 80,000 to 300,000. The Playstation has been incredibly popular in the gaming world ever since it first came out. It completely revolutionized the gaming experience and is considered one of the greatest gaming consoles ever made.

Price Of New PS4 In Nigeria

Ever since Ps4 was introduced to the gaming world, Nigerians have really loved it. It has become super popular and has made gaming even more exciting. It’s not surprising to learn that Sony has already sold over 30 million Ps4 consoles in Nigeria.

The Playstation 4 (Ps4) may not be the cheapest gaming console available, but it’s still reasonably priced. When it comes to gaming, things can get quite expensive, so the Ps4 is actually quite affordable. The good news is that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this gaming console.

Currently, a brand new Ps4 can be purchased for prices ranging from 160,000 to 300,000. The final cost depends on various factors, such as the type of accessories that come with the console. You can buy the Ps4 either directly from Sony’s office or from authorized distributors across the country. Read Price of Macbook Pro in Nigeria.

Price Of Fairly Used Ps4 In Nigeria

You can easily find second-hand PlayStation 4 consoles in our country, whether they are imported or previously owned by people here. These used consoles are less expensive compared to buying a brand-new one, and if they are in good condition, they can still offer similar quality, durability, and toughness. Below, you’ll find the prices for each type of console.

  • Foreign Used Playstation 4 prices in Nigeria: 120,000 – 200,000
  • Locally Used Playstation 4 prices in Nigeria: 80,000 – 150,000.

The prices of gaming consoles can vary for a few reasons. One important factor is the overall condition of the console itself. Other factors, like similar items being sold, can also affect the price.

Where To buy Ps4 In Nigeria

You can visit electronics and gaming stores in your local area. Some popular retail chains that may carry the PS4 include GameMart, Slot, and GameCentral. You can use their store locators on their websites to find the nearest branches.

FAQS – Price Of Ps4 In Nigeria

What are the main features of the PS4?

The PS4 boasts several key features, including high-quality graphics, a robust gaming library, online multiplayer capabilities, streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube, a built-in Blu-ray/DVD player, social connectivity through PlayStation Network (PSN), and the ability to share gameplay footage.

What types of games are available for the PS4?

The PS4 offers a diverse range of games across various genres, including action, adventure, role-playing, sports, racing, puzzle, and more. It has an extensive library of both exclusive titles developed by Sony and third-party games.

Can I play PlayStation 3 (PS3) games on the PS4?

No, the PS4 does not support backward compatibility with PS3 game discs. However, some select PS3 games may be available to play through PlayStation Now, Sony’s game streaming service for compatible devices.

Can I play online multiplayer games on the PS4?

Yes, the PS4 provides online multiplayer capabilities through the PlayStation Network (PSN). To access online multiplayer, you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription, which offers additional benefits like free monthly games and exclusive discounts.

Is it possible to upgrade the PS4’s storage capacity?

Yes, the PS4 allows you to upgrade the internal hard drive for additional storage. You can replace the original hard drive with a larger one to accommodate more games and media.

Are there any parental control features on the PS4?

Yes, the PS4 offers parental control features that allow you to restrict content, set spending limits, control access to online features, and monitor gameplay time for younger users.


In conclusion, the PS4 boasts a robust online community, allowing you to connect and play with friends and other players around the world. With a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can access online multiplayer features, enjoy monthly free games, and receive exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store.

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