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Price of Land in Ajah Lagos

Ajah is becoming a really popular place to live in Lagos. Lots of folks love it, especially for buying land or building a house. It’s not right in the middle of everything, and it’s a bit tricky to get to, but it’s super convenient to live in right now, and it’s really easy to get to Victoria Island, which is where a lot of businesses are located in Lagos. Read Cost of Building a 3-bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria.

Price of Land in Ajah Lagos

In this post, we’ll explore the current prices of land in Ajah, highlighting the many benefits of buying and building a house in this area.

Price of Land in Ajah Lagos

Currently, a price of land in Ajah Lagos is N7 million to N16 million or even higher, depending on where it is and how good the spot is. Plus, keep in mind that the final price you pay for the land depends on how good you are at haggling and any extra fees you might have to cover. Read Price Of America Steel Door In Nigeria.

Determining the price of land in Ajah can be pretty challenging. Many things affect how much a piece of land costs there. Ajah is quite large, and the price of land isn’t the same everywhere. In general, if the land is closer to the main areas of Lekki. Read German Door Price in Nigeria.

Factors that Affect the Price of Land in Ajah

Many things decide the price of a piece of land. When someone wants to sell land, they should think about these factors. These factors are crucial for figuring out how much a piece of land is worth.

Understanding these factors will help you better understand how much a piece of land is worth when you want to buy or sell it. These factors don’t give you an exact price, but they do help you make an educated guess about the approximate value of the land in a place like Ajah. Here are some key factors that influence land prices today:


Basically, the easier it is for people to do business in an area, the more valuable the land there becomes. So, if a piece of land is close to important business areas like Victoria Island and Lekki Phase 1 in the state, it will be more expensive.

This happens mainly because the land is close to where people work and do business. This closeness is the biggest reason why experts in city planning have come up with different ways to figure out how much a piece of land is worth.

Physical Considerations

One of the main things that determines the price of a piece of land is where it’s located and what it looks like. Factors like whether there’s water nearby, how the land slopes, and if there are proper drainage systems in place all play a role. The nicer and more convenient these things are, the higher the land’s price tends to be.

The shape of the land can significantly impact how much it costs to build something and the overall price of a project. If you’re constructing things like parks or buildings on uneven or hilly terrain, it will generally be more expensive than on flat ground.

Present and Future Land Use

One important thing that influences the price of a piece of land is what it’s allowed to be used for in that area. For example, the cost of land depends on whether it can be used for businesses (like stores) or for homes.

Most folks are okay with shelling out more money for land that can be used for businesses. Sometimes, if you plan to use the land for a big company or something like a school, it can be even more expensive. Plus, if the land is super close to where all the businesses are, it’s likely to cost more, as we mentioned before.


In conclusion, Ajah has experienced significant urban development in recent years, with improved infrastructure, roads, and amenities. Investing in land here can mean potential appreciation as the area continues to grow.

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