Price Of Innoson Cars In Nigeria

Are you interested in knowing the price of innoson car in Nigeria? Then you are at the right blog post. Innoson is a fast growing car company in Nigeria, people really like their cars because they are excellent quality and work really well. They make all kinds of vehicles like regular cars, big cars, and vans. Lots of people in different parts of the country really like their cars because they last a long time and have great features. Read Mercedes G Wagon Price In Nigeria.

price of innoson car in Nigeria
price of innoson car in Nigeria

In this post, I will give you detailed price of innoson car in Nigeria and the price of some of the different type of innoson car available in Nigeria with their price. Read also Rolls Royce Ghost Price in Nigeria.

Types Of Innoson Cars In Nigeria

  1. Innoson Saloon
  2. Innoson Pick-up Vehicles
  3. Innoson Vans
  4. Innoson SUV
  5. Innoson Bus
  6. Innoson Truck

These are the 6 types Of innoson Car I will be listing their price below;

Price Of Innoson Cars In Nigeria

Innoson Saloon

  • Innoson FOX manual transmission – N3.5 million – N3.96 million
  • Innoson FOX automatic transmission – N3.85 million – N4 Million
  • Innoson UMU manual transmission – N3.63 million – N3.81 million
  • Innoson UMU automatic transmission – N3.96 million – N4.2 million Read also: Lexus 350 RX 2018 Price in Nigeria.

Innoson Pick – Up Vehicles

  • Innoson single cabin pick-up 4WD – N6.93 million – N7.3 million
  • Innoson 5 seater double cabin pick-up 4WD (Mitsubishi engine & leather seats) – N6.93 million – N7.28 million
  • Innoson Carrier 4WD (double cabin pick-up) – N6.49 million – N6.82 million
  • Innoson Carrier 2WD (double cabin pick-up) – N6.05 million – N6.35 million

Innoson Van

  • Innoson Uzo 3 (7 seater bus) – N1.54 million – N1.62 million
  • Innoson Uzo 4 (7 seater minibus) – N1.54 million – N1.61 million
  • Innoson Uzo 5 (minibus single cabin) – N1.54 million – N1.61 million
  • Innoson 5000a (15 seater bus) – N5.28 million – N5.54 million
  • Innoson 5000b (15 seater cargo bus) – N5.28 million – N5.54 million
  • Innoson 6540 (17 seater bus) – N7.15 million – N7.51 million
  • Innoson 6540 (18 seater Hummer bus) – N8.03 million – N8.43 million
  • Innoson 5000c (ambulance bus) – N6.93 million – N7.28 million.

Innoson SUV

  • Innoson G5 manual transmission (Jeep) – N6.38 million – N6.7 million
  • Innoson G5 automatic transmission (Jeep) – N6.82 million – N7.16 million
  • Innoson G6 manual transmission (5 seater SUV Jeep) – N6.6 million – N6.93 million
  • Innoson G6 automatic transmission (5 seater SUV Jeep) – N7 million – N7.35 million.

Innoson Bus

  • Innoson 6601 (23 seater bus) – N11.44 million – N12million
  • Innoson 6660a (26 seater bus) – N11.88 million – N12.47 million
  • Innoson 6730 (30 seater bus) – N12.65 million – N13.28 million
  • Innoson 6800 (33 seater bus) – N13.31 million – N13.98 million
  • Innoson 6850 (43 seater bus) – N24.2 million – N25.4 million
  • Innoson 6751 (60 passenger city bus) – N11.55 million – N12.13 million

Innoson Truck

  • Innoson 5003 (8 tonnes swing arm truck) – N12.65 million – N13.28 million
  • Innoson 5251 (12 tonnes compactor truck) – N19.8 million – N20.8 million
  • Innoson 5100 (road sweeper) – N21.45 million – N22.52 million

Where To Buy Innoson Car In Nigeria

You can purchase an Innoson Vehicle and pay in installments using our auto-finance scheme with (Access) Bank. Read Price Of Toyota Matrix 2010 In Nigeria.

1) Go to to choose your preferred vehicle

2) Contact them for the pro forma invoice of your preferred vehicle after account opening confirmation. Read Price Of Toyota Venza In Nigeria.

FAQS – Price Of Innoson Cars In Nigeria

What is Innoson car and what makes it unique?

Innoson car is a Nigerian automobile manufacturer that produces a range of vehicles including sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. What makes Innoson cars unique is that they are specifically designed and manufactured to suit African road conditions and consumer preferences.

Where are Innoson cars manufactured?

Innoson cars are proudly manufactured in Nigeria. The company has its main production facility located in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria.

What types of vehicles does Innoson produce?

Innoson produces a variety of vehicles to cater to different needs. Their product range includes compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. They also manufacture special-purpose vehicles like ambulances, military vehicles, and public transportation buses.

Are Innoson cars affordable?

Yes, one of the key advantages of Innoson cars is their affordability. The company aims to provide cost-effective transportation solutions for the Nigerian market and beyond, making their vehicles accessible to a wider range of consumers.

How can I purchase an Innoson car?

To purchase an Innoson car, you can visit one of their authorized dealerships or showrooms. They have a network of dealerships across Nigeria, and you can also find information on their official website regarding purchasing procedures and contact details.

Are Innoson cars reliable and durable?

Innoson cars are known for their reliability and durability. They are built to withstand the challenges of Nigerian road conditions and are rigorously tested for quality and performance. The company also offers after-sales services and spare parts to ensure the longevity of their vehicles.

What are the safety features available in Innoson cars?

Innoson cars are equipped with a range of safety features to ensure passenger protection. These features may include airbags, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), seat belts, rearview cameras, and parking sensors, among others.

Can Innoson cars be serviced and repaired easily?

Yes, Innoson provides service and maintenance support for their vehicles through their authorized service centers. These service centers are equipped with trained technicians who are knowledgeable about Innoson cars and can provide the necessary repairs and maintenance.

Does Innoson offer warranty coverage for their vehicles?

Yes, Innoson provides warranty coverage for their vehicles. The specific terms and conditions of the warranty may vary depending on the vehicle model and region. It is recommended to check with the dealership or refer to the warranty documentation for detailed information.

Does Innoson export its cars to other countries?

Yes, Innoson exports its cars to other African countries and beyond. The company aims to expand its market reach and promote made-in-Nigeria vehicles globally. They have established partnerships and distribution networks in various countries to facilitate international sales and distribution.


In conclusion, Innoson Car has emerged as a remarkable player in the automotive industry in Nigeria, setting new standards and redefining the concept of car manufacturing in Nigeria and beyond. With its commitment to innovation, quality, and affordability, Innoson Car has not only earned the trust and loyalty of its customers but has also showcased the immense potential of African automotive manufacturers on the global stage.

All you have to do is to pick the one you can afford and proceed to purchase it as it is said above.

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