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Price of Geepee Tank in Nigeria

Are you interested in price of geepee tank in Nigeria? The this article is about how much Geepee tank cost In Nigeria. Water is super important for people. So, when there isn’t enough water around, we use water tanks to keep some for later.

Price of Geepee Tank in Nigeria
Price of Geepee Tank in Nigeria

Many Nigerians call those big water tanks on top of buildings ‘GeePee tanks.’ This is because GeePee has been around for a really long time. People here really trust GeePee tanks the most when it comes to these water tanks. Read 1500L Water tank price in Nigeria.

Price Of Geepee Tank In Nigeria

GeePee overhead water tanks are super common in city neighborhoods. People get these tanks mainly to save and share water in places with many houses, and their tank ranges from 45,000 – 600,000. These tanks are made of plastic and can store a bunch of water, depending on how big they are.

  • GeePee Water Storage Tank (10000 litres): From 585,000
  • GeePee Water Storage Tank (7500 litres): From 390,300
  • 5000 Liters Tanker Shape Horizontal Storage Tank: From 400,000
  • GEEPEE Storage Tank – 5000Litres: From 220,000
  • GeePee Water Storage Tank (900 litres): From 48,000
  • GeePee Dustbin – 120 Liters: From 57,200
  • 1500 Liters Tanker Shape Horizontal Tank: From 115,000
  • GeePee Water Storage Tank (1500 litres): From 85,000
  • GeePee Water Storage Tank (1200 litres): From 69,000
  • GeePee 1100 Liters 4 – Corner Dustbin: From 230,000
  • GeePee Water Storage Tank (1000 litres): From 49,800
  • GeePee Water Storage Tank (4000 litres): From 174,000
  • GeePee Dustbin – 240 Litres: From 65,000
  • GeePee Water Storage Tank (3000 litres): From 140,000

Looking at the options listed above, you can see that GeePee water tanks come in various sizes. They’re really tough and don’t need much fixing. The costs are usually about the same, but they could change depending on where you buy them. We’ll keep an eye out for any price changes and update this post if there are any.

Benefits of Using GeePee Tanks

You know those water tanks called GeePee Tanks? They’ve been around for a long time and are so famous that sometimes people call any water tank a GeePee tank, even if it’s not really one. Why have these tanks stuck around for so long? Well, it’s because a lot of customers get some good things from using GeePee Tanks. In this part, we’ll talk about some of the good stuff you get from using them.

Reliability and high quality

GeePee water tanks in Nigeria are top-notch. They have official approval from the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) and ISO 9001-2008. This recognition comes from their dedication to making excellent tanks through thorough research and quality control. Each tank they make goes through strict tests in their advanced labs, and only the ones that pass these tests are sold. When you buy a GeePee tank, you know it’s built to last.


GeePee Tanks started way back in 1975, almost 50 years ago. Ever since then, they’ve been really good at making clean stuff for people to use. They do this by picking good materials and making their stuff in a smart way. And when they’re not using their tanks, they make sure to close them up tight so the water stays clean. Plus, all their tanks have big openings that make them easy to clean and take care of.

low maintenance

After you put in a GeePee tank, you don’t need to do much to keep it working well. Every once in a while, just give it a good wash to get rid of any dirt. These tanks can stay in great shape for a really long time, like 15 to 20 years, depending on where you put them and the conditions around them.

FAQS – Price Of Geepee Tank In Nigeria

What sizes do GeePee water tanks come in?

GeePee water tanks are available in a range of sizes, from small household tanks to large industrial tanks, catering to different water storage needs.

What materials are GeePee water tanks made from?

GeePee water tanks are commonly made from high-quality materials such as food-grade polyethylene or fiberglass, ensuring durability and safety for water storage.

Are GeePee water tanks suitable for drinking water storage?

Yes, GeePee water tanks are designed to store potable (drinking) water and are manufactured from food-grade materials to meet safety standards.

How do I maintain my GeePee water tank?

Regular maintenance involves cleaning the tank, checking for leaks, and ensuring proper sealing. GeePee may provide specific guidelines for maintenance.

Can GeePee water tanks be used for rainwater harvesting?

Yes, many GeePee water tanks are suitable for rainwater harvesting, helping conserve water and reduce utility costs.

Do GeePee water tanks come with warranties?

GeePee often provides warranties on their tanks, but the length and terms may vary depending on the specific model. Check with the manufacturer for details.

Can GeePee water tanks be customized or connected in series?

Some GeePee tanks can be customized to include additional features or connected in series to increase water storage capacity. Consult with GeePee for customization options.


In conclusion, GeePee offers a range of tank sizes to suit your water storage needs, from small household tanks to larger industrial tanks.

GeePee is known for manufacturing high-quality water tanks that are durable and long-lasting.

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