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Price of 8mm Iron Rod in Nigeria

The “8mm” in “8mm iron rod” which is approximately 0.3inches thick and specifies the diameter of the rod. These rods comes in various lengths, which ranges from 6 meters which is (20 feet) to 12 meters which is also (40 feet).

Price of 8mm Iron Rod in Nigeria
Price of 8mm Iron Rod in Nigeria

The 8mm iron rod is usually used for the decking beam’s ring and the pillars ring of a house it can also be used as burglaries design. There are also different types of 8mm in Nigeria, which are the Nigeria made which are called local and the foreign one which are referred to as “TMT”. So in this article we will be discussing the price of the local one and the foreign one which is “TMT”. Read Price of Iron Steel Rod in Nigeria.

Price of 8mm Iron Rod in Nigeria

8mm iron rod current price per length in Nigeria ranges from 3,000 – 3,500 for both local and tmt, their price may changes anytime soon due to unstable market price in Nigeria and unstable dollar price. Read Price of 10mm Iron Rod in Nigeria.

Iron rod price can change due to dollar price too, like i said above, 8mm can be used as burglary design, parapets, rings, and even window design.

Where to buy 8mm Iron Steel Rod in Nigeria

You can buy 8mm iron Rod right from the company and from any wholesalers, but it is no easy to get into the company so you can buy if from the wholesalers yourself. When you want to buy 8mm iron rod the quantity of 10mm iron rod is 210 per tons. Read Price of Iron Steel Rod in Nigeria.

FAQS – Price of 8mm Iron Rod in Nigeria

What is the purpose of 8mm iron rods in construction?

8mm iron rods are commonly used as reinforcing elements in concrete structures. They provide tensile strength and help prevent the concrete from cracking under stress.

Where are 8mm iron rods used in construction?

These rods are used in various construction applications, such as in the creation of beams, columns, slabs, and other structural components. They are essential for reinforcing concrete structures.

What are the advantages of using 8mm iron rods in construction?

8mm iron rods enhance the structural integrity of concrete elements, making them more resilient and durable. They help buildings and infrastructure withstand loads and stresses.

How are 8mm iron rods installed in construction projects?

They are typically cut to the required length and embedded in concrete forms before the concrete is poured. Once the concrete sets, the rods become integral components of the structure.

Are 8mm iron rods corrosion-resistant?

To prevent corrosion, it is common practice to use anti-corrosion coatings on these rods or to protect them through proper concrete cover and maintenance.

What types of construction projects commonly use 8mm iron rods?

8mm iron rods are used in a wide range of construction projects, from residential buildings to commercial structures, bridges, and infrastructure development.

How do I determine the quantity of 8mm iron rods needed for a project?

The quantity of 8mm iron rods required depends on the project’s specifications, including the size and design of the concrete elements. Engineers and architects typically calculate the required amount.


In conclusion, the 8mm iron rod is easy to find and doesn’t cost much, which makes it a smart pick for builders, engineers, and contractors. It helps make buildings last longer and be more reliable without breaking the bank.

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