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Price of 5 Litres of Groundnut Oil in Nigeria

Groundnut oil is extracted from the kernels or seeds of peanuts through a process called pressing, where the oil is squeezed out from the peanuts. Groundnut oil is a cooking oil used for various types of cooking and baking, and it can enhance the taste of your dishes.

Price of 5 Litres of Groundnut Oil in Nigeria
Price of 5 Litres of Groundnut Oil in Nigeria

In this article I will give you the detailed price and brands available of 5 liters of groundnut oil.

Price of 5 Litres of Groundnut Oil in Nigeria

5 litres groundnut oil price are vary due to different brands In Nigeria which are Kings, Laziz, Emperor, mamador, Power oil, Activa, Golden penny, which their prices range from NGN 8,000 – NGN 15,000. Check their prices below;

Kings Groundnut Oil

King’s groundnut oil is a good cooking oil that’s been brought into Nigeria for more than 50 years. It’s been a trusted choice for people during all those years. The price of kings groundnut oil is NGN 12,350 and you can get the x4 for NGN 47,000.

Laziz Groundnut Oil

Laziz vegetable oil is a great choice for cooking yummy meals. It doesn’t have any bad stuff that clogs your arteries, so it’s good for your heart. The price of Laziz groundnut oil ranges from NGN 14,000 – NGN 15,000.

Emperor Groundnut Oil

Emperor Groundnut Oil is a natural cooking oil that’s really good for you. It’s pure, clean, and doesn’t have any cholesterol. Plus, it’s packed with protein and vitamins A & E. People love using it at home and in restaurants to make delicious meals. The price of emperor groundnut oil ranges from NGN 8,000 – NGN 8,500.

Mamador Groundnut Oil

Mamador is a type of cooking oil that’s been around for a while. It’s famous for making food taste good and keeping your heart healthy. The highest litre of mamador groundnut oil is 3.5litres and the price price ranges from NGN 6,300 – NGN 6,500.

Power Oil Groundnut Oil

Power Oil is a type of cooking oil that’s good for your health and perfect for cooking, frying, baking, and making salads. It’s packed with nutrients and great for your heart. The price of Power Oil groundnut oil ranges from NGN 9,300 – NGN 9,500.

Activa Groundnut Oil

ACTIVA pure vegetable oil is a top-notch cooking oil made in Nigeria, following the best quality rules, and packed with important vitamins to make your food even healthier. The price of Activa groundnut oil ranges from NGN 8,300 – NGN 9,000.

Golden Penny Groundnut Oil

Golden Penny pure Soya Oil is completely pure and doesn’t have any cholesterol. It’s like a natural supplier of Omega 3 fatty acid, which is good for your health. The price of Activa groundnut oil ranges from NGN 7,700 – NGN 8,000.

Where to Buy Groundnut Oil in Nigeria

You can get your groundnut oil offline and online, for people who wants to get it offline you can get it at your nearest ShopRite or nearest supermarket. And for those who wants to get it online you can get it from these various online websites which are; Jumia, Jiji, Konga etc…

FAQS – Price of 5 Litres of Groundnut Oil in Nigeria

Is groundnut oil the same as peanut oil?

Yes, groundnut oil and peanut oil are the same thing. They are terms used interchangeably to refer to the oil extracted from peanuts.

What is the smoke point of groundnut oil?

Groundnut oil has a high smoke point, typically around 450°F (232°C). This makes it suitable for deep frying and high-heat cooking methods.

Is groundnut oil healthy?

Groundnut oil is considered healthy when used in moderation. It is low in saturated fats and contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can have heart-healthy benefits. It is also a good source of vitamin E and antioxidants.

Can people with peanut allergies consume groundnut oil?

Individuals with peanut allergies should exercise caution when it comes to consuming groundnut oil. While highly refined groundnut oil is unlikely to contain peanut allergens, it’s essential for those with allergies to consult with their healthcare provider before including it in their diet.

What can I use groundnut oil for in cooking?

Groundnut oil is versatile and can be used for frying, sautéing, stir-frying, and as a general cooking oil. It has a mild flavor that doesn’t overpower other ingredients, making it suitable for a wide range of dishes.

Does groundnut oil have any specific culinary uses?

Groundnut oil is commonly used in Asian cuisines, especially in dishes like stir-fries, satay, and various fried foods. It’s also used in salad dressings and as a base for making flavored oils.

Can I use groundnut oil for baking?

While groundnut oil can be used for baking, its mild flavor may not be suitable for all baked goods. It works well in recipes where a subtle nutty flavor is desired.

How should I store groundnut oil?

Groundnut oil should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. It’s best to keep it in an airtight container to maintain its freshness.

Can groundnut oil go bad or become rancid?

Yes, like all oils, groundnut oil can go rancid over time. Check the expiration date on the bottle and the oil’s smell and taste to ensure it hasn’t gone bad before using it in cooking.


In conclusion, Groundnut oil is good for your heart because it has less of the bad fats and more of the good fats. Using it in your cooking, as long as you eat a balanced diet, can lower your chances of getting heart problems.

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