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Price of 10mm Iron Rod in Nigeria

10mm iron rods are used in the construction industry for various purposes. The 10mm iron rod has a diameter of 10 millimeters (mm). Which means the 10mm iron rod is 0.03inches thick.

Price of 10mm Iron Rod in Nigeria
Price of 10mm Iron Rod in Nigeria

The 10mm iron rod is used for many things which are rings for pillar and Linted, marts, Linted, borehole guide, burglary designs etc. There are also different types of 10mm in Nigeria, which are the Nigeria made which are called local and the foreign one which are referred to as “TMT”. So in this article we will be discussing the price of the local one and the foreign one which is “TMT”. Read Price of 8mm Iron Rod in Nigeria.

Price of 10mm Iron Rod in Nigeria

10mm iron rod current price per length in Nigeria ranges from 4,500 – 4,800 for both local and tmt, their price may changes anytime soon due to unstable market price in Nigeria and unstable dollar price. Iron rod price can change due to dollar price too, like I said above 10mm can be used as burglary design, linted, pit slabs, and even gutter slabs. Read Price of Iron Steel Rod in Nigeria.

Where to buy 10mm Iron Rod in Nigeria

You can buy 10mm iron Rod right from the company and from any wholesalers, but it is no easy to get into the company so you can buy if from the wholesalers yourself. When you want to buy 10mm iron rod the quantity of 10mm iron rod is 133 per tons.

FAQS – Price of 10mm Iron Rod in Nigeria

Where are 10mm iron rods used in construction?

10mm iron rods are used in various construction applications, such as reinforcing beams, columns, slabs, and other concrete structures. They are also used in creating smaller structural components.

Are 10mm iron rods corrosion-resistant?

Iron rods can be prone to corrosion. To enhance their durability, they are often coated with anti-corrosion materials or protected through other methods to prevent rust.

Can 10mm iron rods be customized for specific construction needs?

Yes, 10mm iron rods can be bent and shaped to suit specific construction requirements, allowing for the creation of customized structural elements.

What is the load-bearing capacity of 10mm iron rods?

The load-bearing capacity of a 10mm iron rod depends on factors like the type of steel, the quality of the rod, and the specific construction requirements. Engineers and architects calculate load-bearing capacity for each project.

How do you cut and join 10mm iron rods in construction?

10mm iron rods can be easily cut to the desired lengths using tools like cutting discs or hacksaws. They can be joined together through welding, bolting, or other connection methods.

Where can I purchase 10mm iron rods for my construction project?

You can buy 10mm iron rods from construction supply stores, steel suppliers, or metal fabrication shops that offer various sizes of iron rods.


In conclusion, the 10mm iron rod is like a super useful tool in the world of building stuff. It’s not too thick, but it’s great at making things like buildings stronger and last longer by giving them more support and making them more stable.

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