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German Door Price in Nigeria

This article talks about the price of German Door price in Nigeria in 2023. When you build a house, putting in doors is really important. After you’ve built the walls and put on the roof, installing the doors is the next big step. It might sound easy, but lots of people pick the wrong type of door for different reasons. Doors aren’t just for keeping rooms and offices closed, they can also make a building look really nice and stylish. Read Price Of America Steel Door In Nigeria.

German Door Price in Nigeria

German doors are becoming really popular nowadays. They might be a bit expensive, but they’re totally worth it because they offer a lot of advantages. In this article, we’ll tell you the current prices of German doors in Nigeria. Read Window Blinds Price in Nigeria.

German door price in Nigeria

  • Fast Response High-Quality Electric Roller Shutter Doors Prices Automatic Remote Control Aluminium Garage Window Roller Shutter: N150,000 – N170,000
  • Casement French Doors Residential Bathroom Design German Hardware Casement French Doors Wholesale Casement Door With Safety Glazing: N165,000 – N175,000
  • Aluminium Doors Aluminium Glass Doors Folding: N110,000 – N117,000
  • Roll-up Door Long Lasting Manual Metal Roll-up Sheet Garage Door: N122,000 – N133,000
  • The newest German type splicing interior room door modern design vertical lines interior door: N200,000 – N230,000
  • Exterior Mahogany solid Wood door front entry door with sidelights open door: N750,000 – N1 million
  • Aluminium big large lift sliding door glass door with German brand hardware: N560,000 – N600,000
  • hot sale German main wood door for office residential: N347,000 – N360,000
  • Metal black European style casement steel frame Germancristal French patio glass doors and windows: N145,000 – N154,000
  • German residential front rustic solid wood doors with sidelights: N210,000 – N300,000
  • Aluminium German exterior sliding door with temple glass: N146,000 – N152,000
  • ROOMEYE German hardware aluminium folding door: N133,000 – N141,000
  • German Style Garden Windows aluminium clad wood doors anti-theft house custom windows and doors: N178,000 – N190,000
  • YY High end AS2047 bi-folding windows thermal break aluminium double Glazing folding door/bi-folding door German hardware: N200,000 – N208,000
  • Superhouse Interior and exterior AS2047 high-quality double glass aluminium sliding heavy door with German brand hardware: N165,000 – N179,000
  • China Factory outside fast Hard Aluminium Spiral High-Speed Door with German Imported Motoring for industry: N1.3 million – N1.7 million
  • Custom German Modern Hotel Luxury Interior Watertight Solid Wooden Door Teak Wood Door: N249,000 – N263,000
  • Druet Brand German Standard AS 2047 UPVC aluminium casement hinged glass doors: N109,000 – N129,000
  • DIAGNOSIS Patented German Aluminium Wood Panel Door Melamine MDF Swing Wooden Room Door for House Interior from China Manufacturer: N320,000 – N350,000
  • Modern New Black Combined Automatic Garage Door Aluminium Alloy Frosted Glass Stainless Steel SLIDING DOORS Grey German Brand: N112,000 – N121,000
  • Modern Interior Skin Plywood Wooden House Wood Single Door Frame Design Prices Luxury Hardwood Wood Doors: N310,000 – N316,000
  • Best Sale Security Door MDF German Wooden front door Design With Eco-Friendly Film: N560,000 – N582,000
  • Best Soundproof American Style Garden Windows Garden Door folding solid doors: N234,000 – N250,000
  • German hardware interior folding doors/horizontal bi-folding doors/soundproof folding interior door: N115,000 – N124,000
  • Cheap hollow core laminated design German internal modern doors hotel room: N100,000 – N105,000
  • Safety Iron Main Designs Security Steel Door Multi Front Door Rain Cover Lock German High-end Exterior Door: N400,000 – N415,000
  • German design Sound Insulation Aluminium main door Folding Doors: N136,000 – N142,000
  • German Quality High-Speed Industrial Doors: N2 million – N2.5 million Read Chinese Door Price in Nigeria.

FAQS – German door price in Nigeria

What types of German doors are available?

German doors come in various types, including entrance doors, interior doors, patio doors, and balcony doors. They can be made from materials like wood, aluminum, or uPVC. Read Price of Roofing Sheet in Nigeria.

What makes German doors different from other doors?

German doors are renowned for their precision engineering, thermal insulation, security features, and stylish aesthetics. They often meet strict European quality standards. Read Price of Virony Doors in Nigeria.

Are German doors energy-efficient?

Yes, many German doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They often have advanced insulation features to reduce heat loss and conserve energy.

Do German doors come with security features?

Yes, German doors are known for their robust security features. They may include multi-point locking systems, reinforced frames, and impact-resistant glass options.

Can German doors be customized?

Yes, many German door manufacturers offer customization options in terms of materials, colors, styles, and hardware to suit your preferences.

Are German doors suitable for modern homes?

German doors are versatile and can complement various architectural styles, including modern and contemporary homes. They are known for their sleek and minimalist designs.

Are German doors expensive?

German doors are typically considered an investment due to their high-quality construction and features. Prices vary depending on the type and specifications.

Do German doors come with warranties?

Yes, most German door manufacturers provide warranties on their products. The length and terms of the warranty may vary, so it’s essential to check with the specific manufacturer.


In conclusion, Many German doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring excellent insulation properties to help maintain a comfortable indoor climate and reduce energy bills.

German doors often incorporate advanced security features, such as multi-point locking systems, reinforced frames, and high-quality locks, enhancing the safety of your home.

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