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1500L Water tank price in Nigeria

Water tanks vary in types and sizes. Some are as small as 500 liters, while others can be as big as 5,000 liters. This article focuses on the cost of 1,500-liter water tank in Nigeria, which is currently the most popular choice in Nigeria.

1500L Water tank price in Nigeria

Having a water storage tank is really important. It’s like having a big container for water. This container keeps water safe and ready to use whenever we need it. It also makes sure water flows smoothly to different places. Read Price of Geepee Tank in Nigeria.

1500L Water tank price in Nigeria

The 1500-liter water tank is really popular in Nigeria right now. It’s considered just the right size for a regular home. If you want to buy a plastic 1500-liter water tank, 1500L water tank price in Nigeria is N35,000 to N45,000. The exact price depends on where and when you buy it.

Although we’ve given you an estimated price range based on trustworthy sources in today’s market, it’s crucial to double-check these prices in the real world before you buy anything, as they might have gone up or down a lot.

Where To Buy 1500L Water tank In Nigeria

You can easily buy 1500-liter water storage tanks in Nigeria. They are sold by different companies all over the country. Thanks to technology, you can even order them online through websites. Just go online, pick the size and type of tank you want, and make your order.

Some of these websites might ask you to pay when you order, while others let you pay when the tank is delivered to your doorstep. Delivery times vary, usually taking 3 to 10 days, depending on where you live and which website you use.

But here’s a word of caution: If you’re buying online, make sure the website is trustworthy. It’s a good idea to pay when the tank arrives and you’ve checked that it’s the right size and type you ordered.

You can also find these 1500-liter tanks in physical stores, like building material or plumbing shops. But buying from these stores is usually more expensive compared to buying directly from the manufacturer or distributors.

FAQS – 1500L Water tank price in Nigeria

What materials are 1,500-liter water tanks typically made from?

Water tanks can be made from various materials, including polyethylene (plastic), fiberglass, concrete, and steel.

How do I choose the right location for my 1,500-liter water tank?

Select a level and stable area with proper drainage to prevent water stagnation. Ensure it is accessible for maintenance and filling.

Do 1,500-liter water tanks come with warranties?

Many manufacturers offer warranties on their tanks. The duration and coverage can vary, so it’s essential to inquire with the manufacturer or supplier.

How should I maintain my 1,500-liter water tank?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the tank, checking for leaks, and ensuring the inlet and outlet fittings are in good condition. You may also need to treat stored water for quality.

Can I use my 1,500-liter water tank for drinking water?

It depends on the tank’s material and design. Some tanks are specifically designed for potable water storage, while others are intended for non-potable uses like irrigation.

What accessories are commonly used with 1,500-liter water tanks?

Accessories may include filters, pumps, level indicators, and fittings for connecting to plumbing systems.


In conclusion, With a capacity of 1,500 liters, it provides a substantial amount of water storage, which can be crucial in areas with irregular water supply or during emergencies like droughts or water shortages.

Storing water can lead to cost savings by reducing dependence on expensive water delivery services or municipal water bills, especially in areas with high water prices.

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