Price of Plasma TV in Nigeria

Are you interested in buying Plasma Tv In Nigeria? If yes, then this article is about Plasma Tv price in Nigeria, Plasma TVs are usually pricey. They are one of the most expensive types of TVs you can find today. They come in different sizes and shapes. The latest advancements have led to the creation of curved TVs that are incredibly attractive and provide an even better viewing experience. Read Price of 32 Inch Led TV in Nigeria.

Price of Plasma TV in Nigeria
Price of Plasma TV in Nigeria

Different types of TVs available today can be categorized based on how they display images, which impacts the quality of the picture and how the TV works. When compiling a list of the best TV types, it’s important to consider including plasma TVs.

Price of Plasma TV in Nigeria

Price of Plasma tv in Nigeria is ₦60,000 to ₦1,800,000. Plasma TVs used to be quite pricey. While they still have a market in Nigeria, they are not as popular as before among the general gadget market. You can purchase them directly from the brand manufacturers or local distributors all over the country.

They are also sold in online gadget stores and modern suppliers. These TVs come in different sizes, designs, and types, which is why their prices can vary. In general, the bigger the TV screen size, the higher the price you can expect to pay.

Check Plasma TV price list for each brand below;

Hisense Plasma TV Prices in Nigeria

  • 50 inches Plasma TV: N250, 000 – N300, 000
  • 55 inches Plasma TV: N280, 000 – N400, 000
  • 65 inches Smart Plasma TV: N430, 000 – N500, 000

LG Plasma TV Prices in Nigeria

  • 43 inches Plasma TV: N160, 000 – N250, 000
  • 60 inches Plasma TV: N350, 000 – N450, 000
  • 65 inches plasma TV: N460, 000 – N520, 000

Polystar Plasma TV Prices in Nigeria

  • 32 inches Plasma TV: N60, 000 – N80, 000
  • 65 inches smart plasma TV: N400, 000 –N450, 000

Sony Plasma TV Prices in Nigeria

  • 43 inches Plasma TV: N290, 000 – N320, 000
  • 49 inches Plasma TV: N300, 000 – N350, 000
  • 65 inches Smart plasma: N900, 000 – N1, 200, 000
  • 70 inches smart plasma: N1, 300, 000 – N1, 800, 000

Sharp Plasma TV Prices in Nigeria

  • 32 inches Plasma TV: N75, 000 – N130, 000

Panasonic Plasma TV Prices in Nigeria

  • 32 inches Plasma TV: N110, 000 – N150, 000
  • 43 inches Plasma TV: N220, 000 – N280, 000

Samsung Plasma TV Prices in Nigeria

  • 32 inches Plasma TV: N110, 000 – N130, 000
  • 43 inches Plasma TV: N220, 000 – N250, 000
  • 55 inches Smart Plasma TV: N350, 000 – N450, 000
  • 65 inches smart Plasma TV: N470, 000 – N650, 000

Things You will Like About Plasma Tv

Their high Resolution: Nowadays, many plasma TVs can handle a resolution of at least 720p, and some can even handle 1080p. Most of the plasma TVs available for purchase have a widescreen shape, called a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is important if you want to watch high-definition TV shows.

Their outstanding Picture Quality: If you care a lot about how good the pictures look on a TV, then you should definitely consider getting a plasma TV. Plasma TVs are really great when it comes to picture quality, and only a few other TVs can match them in this aspect. They produce clear and sharp images, and many of them even have HD or Ultra High Definition resolution. The sound quality is also excellent. Whether you have a separate sound system or not, you can expect to hear really nice sound coming from a plasma TV.

Their connectivity: Most of the plasma TVs that you can find these days can be easily connected to your personal computer without any complicated setup.

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Where To Buy Plasma Tv In Nigeria

The best place to buy a Plasma Tv in Nigeria is to visit any stores or ShopRite that sells anything related to LCD or LED like DVD Na television.

FAQS – price of plasma tv in nigeria

What are the advantages of a plasma TV over other display technologies?

Plasma TVs had some advantages over other display technologies, such as excellent color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and deep black levels. They were also capable of displaying fast motion with minimal blurring, making them suitable for watching sports or action-packed content. Additionally, plasma TVs were known for their ability to handle burn-in better than early generation OLED TVs.

What are the disadvantages of a plasma TV?

While plasma TVs had their advantages, they also had a few disadvantages. One significant drawback was their higher power consumption compared to LCD or LED TVs. Additionally, plasma screens were typically more reflective, making them susceptible to glare in brightly lit rooms. Another concern was that plasma TVs were generally heavier and bulkier than their LCD and OLED counterparts.

Are there any specific precautions or maintenance requirements for plasma TVs?

Plasma TVs required certain precautions to ensure their longevity. To prevent burn-in, it was recommended to avoid displaying static images for extended periods. Additionally, regular screen cleaning using a soft, lint-free cloth was necessary to remove dust or fingerprints. It was important not to apply excessive pressure while cleaning to avoid damaging the delicate screen. Finally, it’s advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific maintenance requirements for a particular plasma TV model.


In conclusion, unlike some other display technologies, plasma TVs had minimal loss of picture quality when viewed from different angles. This meant that more people in a room could enjoy a good viewing experience, regardless of their seating position.

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